15th Conference - 23-25 September, 2019 / Bad Herrenalb/Heidelberg, Germany

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Welcome to the Homepage of the European Association of Urban Missions (EAUM)!

What is an Urban or City Mission?

The birth place of City Missions worldwide is Glasgow, Scotland. About 200 years ago David Nasmith founded the first City Mission there. Soon the movement spread over the whole continent und later over the entire world.

What does the European Association of Urban Missions do?

European City Missions have built a network in the EAUM to link contacts across Europe. Member organizations provide services to the people in need, e.g. to homeless people, people with disabilities, elderly people, children, youngsters, families and other. Activities of EAUM focus on building the partnerships. The conferences take place regularly in order to strengthen the cooperation between respective organizations.

The EAUM is open for cooperation with other City Missions around the world. City Missions are making an important contribution to the future of Europe following the Biblical promise:

“Seek the peace of the city and pray for it to the Lord” – Jeremiah 29,7

You are invited to visit our web site and to get in touch with us!

Mgr. Zuzana Filipková, Ph.D.

President AGES / EAUM