EAUM Constitution

(1) The European Association of Urban Missions (EAUM) is a Christian non-profit organisation consisting of European City Missions and similar urban missions which have elected to become members.

(2) Missions which witness to Jesus Christ and minister to the whole person in word and deed in the cities may belong to the EAUM.

(3) The EAUM consists of:

the Conference, with delegates from the member missions

the Committee.

(4) During the Conference, a business meeting is called. Each mission that is represented at the Conference has one vote. In the business meeting the guidelines for co-operation are adopted; the Conference chooses the Committee and receives its reports; and it also has to approve the expected financial contributions from each mission proposed by the Committee.

(5) The Committee is the financial and executive body of the Conference. It prepares the Conference and its programme and keeps in touch with member missions and other similar organisations.

(6) Every member of a national or regional association is automatically a member of EAUM. The membership of other missions must be approved by the committee.

(7) The EAUM encourages contacts with associated city missions in Europe and beyond. These contacts should extend the fellowship between missions and increase the exchange of experiences and challenges.

(8) This Constitution was adopted at the first EAUM Conference in Geneva on 25th September 1974, was revised on 27th May 1995 in Gothenburg and newly revised in 2016 in Ostrava.

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